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Woman steals jailed son's sex toys, movies

October 3rd, 2013 1:38 pm by Rain Smith

Woman steals jailed son's sex toys, movies

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 26

Dispatch was alerted to a domestic altercation at a home in Big Stone Gap, where someone was throwing beer cans out the door. A man was also heard screaming, "No, no, no!"

Sept. 28

Immediately after officers left a county home, the resident called dispatch again. She said they needed to return and remove a pair of visitors who "are not obeying the regulations of my home."

Sept. 30

Someone inadvertently dialed 911 with their cell phone. Dispatchers then heard a lewd conversation between two people "discussing each other's body parts."

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 29

A man was transported to the hospital after "drinking two bottles of rubbing alcohol."

Sept. 30

A Bluff City man told police that his girlfriend threatened to "cut and shoot" him as he sleeps.

Two suspects in the theft of medication were standing along a Blountville road, according to the victim, and trying to get a ride. He cautioned that one of the thieves "is feisty."

A Piney Flats woman called police after her grandson walked up behind her, then struck her in the head without warning. The suspect was arrested and charged with domestic assault, saying he hit the woman because she was poisoning his food.

A welfare check was requested for a woman along the side of Vance Tank Road. EMS responded to find her lying beside railroad tracks unresponsive, with an empty bottle of alcohol in her possession. She was charged with public intoxication and transported to the Sullivan County jail.

A Bloomingdale man claimed his mother visited his home and created a disturbance. Before leaving she allegedly stole baby clothes.

Oct. 1

Suspicious people were reportedly driving down a Blountville street, according to a resident, and asking, "Are any Hispanics in the neighborhood?"

Oct. 2

A caller told dispatchers that a man was walking down a Kingsport street with a sword in his hand. An officer located the suspect, finding the object was actually "some kind of walker or walking stick."

A "very upset" Piney Flats woman called police after her dog ran away. Eleven minutes later she dialed dispatch again, relieved to report the dog had returned.

Kingsport Police Department

Sept. 30

The clerk of a West Stone Drive motel requested that police remove a guest. The suspect reportedly "keeps coming to the office and making threats."

Oct. 1

Police responded to a traffic collision on East Center Street, where a Pontiac had rear-ended a Toyota. The Pontiac driver said she did not see the other car had stopped, due to a beetle that flew in the window and startled her. She was arrested after a records check revealed her license was revoked, and additionally charged with failure to have insurance and following too closely.

A man told police that he was jumped by several men three days ago, with them stealing his Air Jordan sneakers, cash and mother's iPhone. When asked why he delayed reporting the incident, he replied, "I don't really call the police." He said he didn't wish to prosecute the suspects, just retrieve his mother's phone. Police then told him that under those stipulations, there's nothing they could do.

Oct. 2

A Kingsport woman ordered a ring online. When she pulled the package from the mailbox a small hole had been cut in the bottom, and the jewelry was missing.

A woman shopping at Walmart temporarily left her cart unattended, later discovering her iPhone had been stolen from the buggy. Thanks to the phone's GPS system, police tracked it to a home on Holston Street. A resident, who had been at Walmart, claimed her  4-year-old son had thrown the phone out of her vehicle on East Stone Drive. She was arrested for felony theft.

Police were called to a fight in front of Jackson Elementary School, as parents were dropping off their children. The complainant, who lives nearby, said he was trying to get home and negotiate past the multiple parents "parked in the street." While passing one vehicle the other driver allegedly "cut him off" -- thinking he was trying to "jump line." Police took no action but noted they would observe traffic around the school for future problems.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 30

A Rogersville woman reported that her husband had been arrested. During incarceration his mother allegedly entered their residence and stole $4,000 in property -- including food, sex toys and adult movies.

Oct. 2

Police received information that a wanted man was inside a vehicle traveling in the county. A traffic stop found only a female occupant, prompting an officer to ask that she pop the trunk of her Honda Civic. The man was located balled inside. He was arrested for failure to appear and additionally charged with evading arrest.

An officer inside a Hawkins County market observed a customer attempt to steal a mugshot publication. An interview with the suspect revealed he was "incomprehensible" --  while his intoxicated companion was found in the parking lot "waving to traffic." Both were arrested for public intoxication, while a consent search of the vehicle they arrived in located pills, syringes, pipes and other drug paraphernalia. 

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