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Pay discussion irks some Sullivan County commissioners

October 2nd, 2013 11:36 pm by J. H. Osborne

Pay discussion irks some Sullivan County commissioners

BLOUNTVILLE — Some Sullivan County commissioners wish their colleagues would just stop talking publicly about their self-imposed automatic pay increases.

They think it just “unnecessarily” stirs up the public, many of whom would otherwise not even notice when such pay increases do occur.

Several years ago the county commission voted to link its own pay to that of the county mayor — which in turn, by state law, gets boosted each time state employees get a raise.

Earlier this year Commissioner Ed Marsh pushed to eliminate that automatic gravy train before this year’s 4.6 percent pay raise took effect July 1.

Marsh’s effort went nowhere.

Now, Commissioner Pat Shull is trying again to eliminate the policy — letting commissioners keep the 4.6 percent pay raise, but asking them to agree to disengage their future pay hikes from the mayor’s salary.

Shull’s proposal isn’t drawing much support. In fact, it clearly is drawing the ire of some of his fellow commissioners, as shown by comments made during debate of the issue Wednesday by the commission’s Administrative Committee.

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