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Man calls 911 after taking dog medicine

September 30th, 2013 2:05 pm by Rain Smith

Man calls 911 after taking dog medicine

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 26

A Kingsport woman was concerned for her husband, who left their home on a riding mower after drinking. Ten minutes later she told a dispatcher everything was OK, he had returned unharmed.

A man told police that to make his girlfriend's ex-husband leave a residence, he fired a gun into the air.

Dispatch was alerted to a suspicious man in Piney Flats, "busting beer bottles in the road."

Police were asked to check a suspicious, plastic bag on Old Jonesboro Road, accompanied by a "set of ribs." The items were determined to be some type of animal carcass.

Sept. 27

Someone called police on a pair of juveniles on High Ridge Drive, saying they were, "doing gestures towards cars."

Sept. 28

A teen told dispatch that her brother was beating her. A few minutes later she recanted, saying it was all, "a big misunderstanding."

A cab driver called police from Kingsport, reporting that a customer he drove home is refusing to pay their fare.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 26

A woman said her husband had called and threatened to do her bodily harm. Two minutes later she received a call from his girlfriend, who allegedly threatened to burn her house down.

A Rogersville woman became angry when she found her daughter, 17, using her new set of muffin pans. A physical confrontation ensued, with the two females pulling each other's hair. There were no visible injuries, the pair separated for the night and police took no action.

An officer observed a man drive through an intersection without obeying the stop sign, prompting a traffic stop. He was arrested after a records check revealed his license was suspended.

A woman claimed that another female came to her home, despite being told not to in the past. The unwanted visitor allegedly threatened, "I'll shoot you with a gun," but the weapon wasn't with her.  The suspect left prior to police arrival.

Sept. 27

A man told police he was driving on Highway 70 North with his wife and kids. When he attempted to pass a slower car, the other motorist allegedly swerved in their direction, then waved a semi-automatic handgun.

A Rogersville resident called police after an intoxicated man entered their home uninvited, then refused to leave. A responding officer found the suspect lying outside in the road, unable to stand on his own. He was arrested for public intoxication.

Sept. 29

A Mooresburg man complained about his neighbors' dogs running loose at night. He said the animals scatter trash all over his yard, and "leave feces everywhere."

A county man reported being assaulted by another man. He said the suspect punched him in the face at a market, then reached into his car and broke off the key in the ignition. The suspect was interviewed and allegedly admitted to the incident. He said he was motivated by the other man having sex with his sister.

Kingsport Police Department

Sept. 26

Police responded to East Sevier Avenue, where a woman caught a juvenile neighbor, "cutting her tires."

Dispatch was alerted to a motorist, with a "Baby on Board" sticker on their car, who appeared to be "nodding in and out" on North Eastman Road.

Sept. 27

A caller said two occupants of a Honda, "looked to be arguing over a pill bottle."

A man told police that his one-month-old son "keeps crying non-stop" — but his wife won't let him take the baby to the emergency room.

Sept. 29

A man called 911 from an East Stone Drive motel. He told dispatch that he had taken dog medication, because he was concerned he may have worms, but then read on the label that it's not for human consumption. EMS responded to provide treatment, finding him conscious and alert.

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