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Porch panties spark Sullivan County assault

September 26th, 2013 2:50 pm by Rain Smith

Porch panties spark Sullivan County assault

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

Sept. 23

The clerk of a city package store reported a customer — who was intoxicated and had his fly open — became belligerent after they refused to sell him alcohol.

Sept. 25

Police were called to a disturbance at a residence on Martin Street, where a woman in the yard, "had difficulty walking upright...forming her words properly." Her boyfriend said she had punched him in the face several times, while his mother reported seeing the woman, "beating the hell out of him." When placed in the back of a cruiser the suspect began kicking the windows.This prompted a burst of pepper spray from officers, with the woman calming down, "for a matter of minutes." She then started kicking the windows again. This time she was Tasered, leading her to concede to police, "I'm done."

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 23

While an officer was negotiating a curve on Highway 31, an S-10 pickup came the opposite way on his side of the road, passing three vehicles on a double yellow line. The driver was arrested after a traffic stop found his license suspended, and additionally charged with speeding and reckless driving.

Sept. 24

A man called police the day after his mother died, which was when he and his brother got into a fight at the hospital. He claimed his sibling "attacked him from behind" and punched him in the head, causing him to fall.

During an "ongoing dispute" over a vehicle, a Church Hill man allegedly told a Kingsport resident, "something to the affect that if they wanted to continue to live," according to a police report, "they need to quit calling him and asking for favors."

Police were called to a Rogersville residence after two sisters, ages 17 and 13, got into a fight over food. The reporting officer found both girls with marks on their faces and arms, and learned the eldest had been violating the conditions of her house arrest. Feeling it was unsafe to leave the teen at the residence, she was transported to a juvenile detention center.

Sept. 26

A Rogersville man called police after bringing a friend home, saying the visit sent his girlfriend into a rage. She allegedly pushed her boyfriend against a wall, then threw his two rifles out into the yard. When she stepped outside he locked the door, later telling police he feared for the safety of her infant, who was inside the home. The woman then used a cooler to break away the door's frame and get back inside. She admitted to the incident to responding officers —  saying she was angry that he had brought a strange man into their home — and was arrested.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 23

A woman called police on her granddaughter, saying she has been, "sneaking out at night."

Dispatch was alerted to a mattress lying in a southbound lane of  I-81.

A Bristol resident claimed their neighbors had asked for a favor: make some meth and sell pills.

Sept. 24

A woman reported an assault at her ex-boyfriend's home on Beaver Creek Road, after she confronted him about two pairs of panties she spotted on the porch. The man allegedly grabbed the underwear the complainant was wearing and ripped them off, then hit her in the side of the head. He then dropped to his knees and begged forgiveness, according to her statements to police, so she had him drive her to another home to get some feminine hygiene products.  At that residence another fight erupted, with the woman's ex-boyfriend pacing the road and "making threats." The suspect left prior to police arrival.

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