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Kingsport police charge two mothers with child neglect

September 24th, 2013 3:10 pm by Rain Smith

Kingsport police charge two mothers with child neglect

Barbara A. King, 21, and Kourtnie S. Gilreath, 22

A pair of women have been arrested after they were allegedly found passed out in separate Kingsport parking lots, leaving their young children unattended in vehicles.

One woman’s child continually asked an investigating officer to “take me home,” according to court records, while his mother later admitted to ingesting “several” Xanax.

The other suspect was reportedly located with mascara smeared over her chest after her 2-year-old had marked on her as she slept.

Police say that child was also sitting on an open bag that contained scissors, knives and a glass marijuana pipe.

The first arrest occurred at about  1:10 p.m. Sunday  at the Walmart on West Stone Drive. Police were responding to  a report of a woman “passed out” inside a vehicle.

According to an affidavit filed in Kingsport court,  police located Kourtnie S. Gilreath, 22, of 4404 Carters Valley Road, Church Hill, asleep in the driver’s seat of a car. The officer reports Gilreath’s  toddler was sitting in the passenger’s side floorboard playing with makeup, while the passenger’s side door was partially open.

Gilreath, whose chest was streaked with mascara, was awakened by the officer and asked to step from the car. Her child was found to be sitting on a bag filled with scissors, a glass pipe and tools, prompting a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia for Gilreath.

Gilreath’s was also charged with child neglect, with a family member called to come and take her daughter from the scene.

The second mother’s arrest occurred at about  10:30 p.m. Monday  at Walgreens, 1420 West Stone Drive. An employee had called to alert police to intoxicated individuals inside the store.

In the parking lot,  police observed a Mitsubishi Montero with a woman, later identified as Barbara A. King, 21, “bent over the steering wheel unresponsive.” The officer reports knocking on the window, but attempts to wake King were unsuccessful. Meanwhile, a child in the back began asking, “Can you take me home?”

The officer then opened the vehicle’s door, finding the “small boy” sitting in a car seat. When King finally stirred, she was allegedly unable to walk on her own, couldn’t state her name or where she was located.

King, of 1721 Granby Road, Kingsport, was transported to the city jail. Police say that during transport she admitted to taking “several” Xanax.

She was charged with  public intoxication and child neglect. A family member took custody of her child.

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