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Condemnation authorized to advance Rock Springs sewer work

September 20th, 2013 9:19 pm by Matthew Lane

Condemnation  authorized to advance Rock Springs sewer work

KINGSPORT — The Model City has the authority to initiate condemnation proceedings against eight Sullivan County property owners this year.

The measure is being done to move forward on a multimillion-dollar sewer project in the Rock Springs community and not miss the deadline for providing water and sewer services to the Hidden Acres and Peppertree neighborhoods.

Kingsport has annexed hundreds of residents and thousands of acres of land in the Rock Springs community since 2006. Two particular areas involved portions of Hidden Acres and Peppertree, both of which were officially brought into the city limits Oct. 1, 2009.

When cities annex county land, a plan of services is part of the agreement, where a city details the types of services it intends to offer to annexed residents and in what time frame. In this case, Kingsport has until Oct. 1, 2014, to provide upgraded water lines and sanitary sewer services to the two neighborhoods.

City officials have said they are confident the work will be done before the deadline, but the issue has been on their minds. The first hiccup came back in June when the Board of Mayor and Aldermen was deliberating over an impending bond issuance to fund the 2014 capital improvement plan.

The city used money from the water and sewer fund reserves to move the Hidden Acres and Peppertree work forward, and plans to replace that money with a portion of the recently approved bond issuance.

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