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Church Hill DUI suspect blames Sunday arrest on 'Friday'

September 19th, 2013 1:32 pm by Jeff Bobo

Church Hill DUI suspect blames Sunday arrest on 'Friday'

Anthony Scott Barker

CHURCH HILL — A Hawkins County man arrested for driving under the influence of drugs Sunday night admitted that he was a little “twisted” and blamed his behavior on the fact that it was “Friday.”

Shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday CHPD Officer Ethan Mays received a report from Hawkins County Central Dispatch of a possible intoxicated driver traveling west through Mount Carmel on Highway 11-W, passing the Hardee’s restaurant.

Mays said he pulled over to the shoulder of 11-W near the Richmond Street intersection, and a short time later he observed the suspected vehicle traveling westbound on 11-W.

“I began following the vehicle and observed the vehicle to be traveling in the right hand lane,” Mays said. “The vehicle crossed over the dashed line and straddled the dashed line for a short time. The intersection of 11-W and S. Central Ave. was displaying a red stop light, and as the vehicle approached the intersection, I observed it to go over half the car length beyond the designated line to stop.”

When the traffic light changed to green, Mays reportedly observed the vehicle launch forward at a high rate of speed. He then initiated a traffic stop at 11-W and Central Plaza, but the vehicle continued approximately 200 yards before stopping.

The driver, Anthony Scott Barker, 22, 123 N. Brummitt Street, Rogersville, reportedly had slurred, slow, and lethargic speech.

“When I asked Mr. Barker to step out of the vehicle, he had difficulty getting his seatbelt undone and was very unsteady on his feet,” Mays said. “Mr. Barker initially denied drinking any alcohol or taking any narcotics, but later admitted to taking Neurontin which he advised he is prescribed. Mr. Barker would not follow instructions and repeatedly fell into his vehicle and had to be held up by other officers.”

An attempt to administer field sobriety tests was stopped due to Barker’s alleged condition. At that point Barker was charged with DUI second offense and driving on a revoked license.

Mays said, “While walking back to my patrol car Mr. Barker stated, ‘Man, I'm sorry. I guess I am a little twisted, but, hey, it's Friday you know.’ Once in the back of my patrol car, Mr. Barker vomited numerous times outside the door.”

Barker pleaded guilty to the charges Wednesday in Hawkins County Sessions court and was sentenced to 45 days in jail and a fine of $650.

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