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Fishermen rescued after boat capsizes near Rogersville dam

September 18th, 2013 7:50 pm by Jeff Bobo

Fishermen rescued after boat capsizes near Rogersville dam

ROGERSVILLE — One of the best fishing spots in Hawkins County is also one of the most dangerous, as two fishermen found out Wednesday morning when their boat capsized at a Holston River dam near Rogersville.

Around 9:16 Wednesday morning, Hawkins County rescuers were called to the weir-style dam near the Tennessee Valley Authority power plant property in Rogersville, where two fishermen were stranded on the hull of their capsized boat.

Hawkins County Emergency Management Agency Assistant Director Jamie Miller, who was among the first on the scene, said the boat apparently got too close to the spillway and was caught in the undertow.

“The current pulled the boat in close to the dam and capsized the boat,” Miller said. “When we arrived at the scene, the boat was flipped over, and the hull was facing up. Both occupants had gotten on top of the hull. The trolling motor was actually sticking straight up out of the water.”

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