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Man arrested after going in women's restroom, questioning why he can't

September 16th, 2013 3:32 pm by Rain Smith

Man arrested after going in women's restroom, questioning why he can't

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 11

A woman told police that she had caught her son, 18, attempting to steal her car. He reportedly tried to start it with a screwdriver, then used the tool to scratch his mother when she confronted him. He then fled the scene. 

Sept. 13

A Church Hill man, 48, reported threats from his ex-girlfriend. She allegedly posted to Facebook that she, "would get someone to beat him up."

A Surgoinsville resident saw fireworks going off near his barn, with the structure then catching fire. When fire departments arrived it had partially collapsed. Multiple pieces of equipment were stored in the barn, along with a 1970 Monte Carlo, four-wheeler, tractor and go kart.

Police were called to a Rogersville bank, when a teller found counterfeit money in a grocery store's deposit. The $5 bill had been "bleached several times" and altered to look like $100.

Sept. 14

A Surgoinsville woman called police on her neighbor's Chihuahua, angry that it, "defecates near her home." She said the dog has also entered her property to eat her cat's food, urinate on her residence.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 12

A child told dispatch that a woman was, "driving up and down the road yelling." His grandmother then got on the line and said no help was needed, she hadn't seen anything.

Sept. 13

Police were asked to check Big Hollow Road for a woman driving an SUV, while also, "hanging out the window screaming." She could not be located.

A customer at a Blountville hair salon needed "assistance" with her unruly child, age 8.

Police were alerted to a man inside the women's restroom at a Blountville convenience store. The clerk said he'd been in the bathroom for 10 minutes, and may have stolen condoms. A responding officer spoke with the man, who reportedly began cussing and refused to calm down. He also asked "Why there was a problem?" with going in the lady's room. A check of his wallet found a driver's license, debit card and social security cards that belonged to other people. When questioned about the items he started cursing again, claiming he'd "found them." Due to his continual disruption of business he was arrested for disorderly conduct. Police say he "was annoying and threatening in a public place." Meanwhile, a check of the restroom found no condoms or packaging.

Sept. 14

The manager of a Bristol gas station said an intoxicated man drove his vehicle into the ice machine.

A BOLO was issued for a suspicious vehicle on Cole Hollow Road. A caller said it left at a high rate of speed, with several occupants yelling, "I will be back!"

A caller claimed a 4-year-old was standing along Carden Hollow Road, "swinging a baseball bat" at a vehicle.

Sept. 15

A "skinny male" with a red shirt over his face grabbed beer from a Bluff City store, then walked out without paying for it. 

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