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Man tells police 'just forget' 13 calls to 911

September 12th, 2013 2:15 pm by Rain Smith

Man tells police 'just forget' 13 calls to 911

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 9

A woman reported harassment from a Rogersville man, who calls her phone and makes "sexual comments."  She said that sometimes she doesn't answer the phone, but then he just shows up at her house.

Sept. 10

A Mooresburg woman had a man store several items during a recent move to a new residence. Upon contacting him to retrieve her possessions — including a freezer, TV, and washer and dryer — he told her he had given them to another person, "for money until he could pay them back." Since that conversation, the suspect won't return her phone calls.

Sept. 11

A man reported giving a woman and her juvenile son a ride to a county residence, discovering when they got out that his phone had been stolen. Police visited the suspects' home and were given consent to search, but were unable to locate the allegedly stolen item.

Wise County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 5

A caller alerted dispatch to "an animal" inside a blue bag, which was hanging from a clothesline. Officers responded and checked the bag in question, finding it contained only women's underwear.

Kingsport Police Department

Sept. 11

Police worked a crash on East Sullivan Street, where a car had hit a utility police. A passenger — who was bleeding from his arm, and had saliva pouring "uncontrollably from his mouth"  — was located hiding behind a nearby building. He was arrested, deemed too intoxicated, "to conduct himself properly in public." Meanwhile, the driver of the car performed poorly on field sobriety tests, commenting, "I'm drunk, I can't do this."  When asked for consent for a blood draw he agreed, then expounded, "I'll just tell you, I'm drunk, so I don't' know why I need a blood test." He was arrested for DUI.

In one hour's time, dispatch received thirteen 911 hang ups from a residence on Skyland Drive. An officer checked the home to find the front door open, while four people inside sat around a table. One man admitted to making the calls, saying he was threatened. When questioned who had made the threats he offered no suspect, telling police,  "Just forget it." The officer declined, asking that he step outside. While a citation was being issued, the man said he needed to go back in and get his ID. He then attempted to slam the front door in the face of police, but the officer's foot kept it from shutting. The man was then taken into custody. Rather than being released on a citation for non-emergency calls to 911, as police originally planned, he was instead booked into jail on the same charge. 

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