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Sullivan, Kingsport school leaders: 20-day numbers look good

September 7th, 2013 11:23 pm by Rick Wagner

Sullivan, Kingsport school leaders: 20-day numbers look good

When it comes to enrollment for the 2013-14 school year, school leaders in Sullivan County and Kingsport said the 20-day numbers look pretty good.

The city numbers went up more than projected, and the county numbers were slightly down but short of the historical drop of about 2 percent year.

Kingsport’s enrollment as of Tuesday, Sept. 3, was 7,069, up 159 from the 20th day of last school year and more than double the projected increase of 75.

Sullivan County’s enrollment was 10,481 Sept. 3, which is 48 fewer than the 10,059 projected and 55 fewer than the last day of the 2012-13 school year.

Broken down by board grade levels, Kingsport Superintendent Lyle Ailshie said that the elementary schools were up 90 students, the middle schools were down 32 and Dobyns-Bennett High School was up 101, saying at more than 2,000 as it has since the first few days of school.

In the county system, Director of Schools Jubal Yennie said digging deeper into the day 20 numbers shows some desired results were achieved.

For instance, the goal in some high school changes was to get the pupil-teacher ratio do 17.5:1.

The results? 17.47 at Sullivan Central, 17.56 at Sullivan East, 17.03 at Sullivan North and 17.73 at Sullivan South.

“That’s pretty close, folks. That’s good work,” Yennie said.

See Sunday’s print edition for an expanded version of this story.

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