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Kingsport road rage leads to hit-and-run arrest

September 3rd, 2013 2:23 pm by Rain Smith

Kingsport road rage leads to hit-and-run arrest

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 28

A deputy responded to a complaint on Island Road, where a resident claimed his neighbor had placed a toilet on a brush pile.

Aug. 29

A woman reported that a man videotapes her daughter, age 12, when she goes jogging through their neighborhood.

A freezer was stolen off a porch on Fontana Street.

Shortly before midnight, police were alerted to a suspicious man riding a lawnmower "with a big light on it." The caller said the man, who was disturbing her sleep, also had "a light on his head."

A Blountville resident reported hearing a prowler outside her home. When she went out to investigate no one was found, but the water hose had been turned on.

Aug. 30

A Brookside Drive resident said a man was peeping in her windows.

A probation officer told police that a registered sex offender's monitoring bracelet had alarmed, showing the device had been tampered with. An officer located the suspect in a vehicle on Sullivan Gardens Parkway, with him admitting to cutting the bracelet off his wrist. It was found in a nearby parking lot, and the suspect was arrested for vandalism.

Sept. 1

A Piney Flats woman reported that a man had arrived at her home, claiming to be a friend of her husband. He said her spouse had granted him permission to take a shower, so she let him inside. When he began fondling himself, according to the woman, she called police. He fled the scene, while she was told to alert authorities if he returned.

Sept. 3

A Kingsport resident, 18, said his 19-year-old brother had arrived home intoxicated. He allegedly accused the complainant of stealing money from a friend and later hit his brother in the back of the head with a bottle of liquor. The victim sustained a large laceration but refused medical treatment, while the suspect was arrested for aggravated assault and underage consumption. He told police that he didn't remember what sparked the altercation, as he had "blacked out."

Wise County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 28

A woman told dispatch that her vehicle had stopped in the roadway, then requested that a deputy bring her motor oil. She said she regularly has to put it in her car, but today she forgot.

Kingsport Police Department

Aug. 28

Police were alerted to a hit-and-run on Tranbarger Drive, with a witness following the suspect's vehicle. On Lynn Garden Drive, an officer spotted the car, which had heavy front-end damage, and conducted a stop. When asked what had occurred, the driver blurted out, "I'm intoxicated." When told he was under arrest, the driver said police needed to cite "the other guy ... he cut me off." Police spoke with the other motorist, learning a "verbal altercation" had occurred between the two. When the victim turned his vehicle into the parking lot of Parkway Plaza, the DUI suspect followed and rammed the rear of the other vehicle. The suspect was arrested and charged with drunken driving, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of a crash.

Aug. 29

A Lynn Garden Drive motorist struck a deer, propelling the animal through the windshield and "in the car."

Aug. 31

"Two or three boys" were underneath a trailer on Barnett Drive, according to a caller, "and refusing to come out."

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Aug. 28

A Carters Valley Road resident called police after spotting her ex-boyfriend inside her vehicle. She said he smashed her cell phone and broke her windshield, then threatened to "burn her house down" before he fled.

Aug. 30

A Rogersville man reported arguing with his girlfriend throughout the day, but they eventually reconciled with "make-up sex." Afterwards they began "talking about the past and arguing again" — with the girlfriend eventually swinging a skillet at his head. He blocked the blow with his arm and the suspect fled. Police told the man how to pursue private prosecution, if he chose to do so.

Sept. 1

A Church Hill woman was assaulted by her husband, who held her down and cut her hair with a pair of scissors. Police observed scratches behind one of her ears and bruising to a leg, while the suspect refused to comment on what occurred. He was arrested for domestic assault.

Police attempted to serve an arrest warrant at a home in Surgoinsville. The suspect's parents consented to a search of the residence, with the wanted man found hiding inside the clothes dryer. Along with violation of probation, he was additionally charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. At the time of his arrest, a marijuana pipe was found in his pocket.

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