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Hawkins County woman loses $4,000 in ‘work at home’ scam from Craigslist

September 1st, 2013 5:44 pm by Jeff Bobo

Hawkins County woman loses $4,000 in ‘work at home’ scam from Craigslist

SURGOINSVILLE — A Hawkins County woman told the sheriff’s office last week she lost nearly $4,000 in a “work at home” Internet scam after replying to an ad on

Donna Strong of Surgoinsville told the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office that on Aug. 12 she replied to a Craigslist ad that claimed to be a work at home business in which the company sent the recipient a check, and then the recipient is to cash the check and send money orders to various persons across the country.

Strong received a check in the mail for $6,850 on Aug. 19.

A letter that was included instructed her to send three moneygrams in the amount of $1,950 each — one to a person on Los Angeles, Calif., and two to persons in Racine, Wis.

Of the remaining $1,000 from the original check, $500 was to cover Western Union fees, and $500 was Strong’s salary.

Strong told the HCSO she sent the moneygrams as instructed, and then was notified on Aug. 21 that the original check was fraudulent.

That discovery was made in time to stop the moneygram to Los Angeles, but the two sent to Racine, Wis., had already been redeemed.

The HCSO referred Strong to the Federal Trade Commission to file a fraud complaint.

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