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Domestic assault complaint leads to pill trafficking charges

August 12th, 2013 3:51 pm by Jeff Bobo

Domestic assault complaint leads to pill trafficking charges

Terry Joe Buttry

ROGERSVILLE — Hawkins County deputies responding to a domestic disturbance Saturday night arrested a man after his cell phone text messages, as well as a pill shortage from a recently filled prescription, allegedly implicated him on pill trafficking charges.

Shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday deputes responded to a domestic disturbance complaint at the residence of Terry Joe Buttry, 49, and Tammy Wynette Buttry, 46, 155 Clayton Road, Rogersville. 

Deputy David Benton stated in his report that Mrs. Buttry claimed her husband had hit and grabbed her by the arms.

Benton said marks on her arms were consistent with her story.

Mr. Buttry stated that at some point during the fight his wife had a box cutter and he received a small laceration to his right hand.

“Mr. Buttry stated that a part of the argument was due to the fact that he believed she may have stolen some of his medication, which was Lortabs and Xanax,” Benton stated in his report. “He did produce a recently filled prescription which showed he had filled 150 Lortabs and 90 Xanax.”

Terry Buttery allegedly had significantly fewer pills in his possession, although the exact number wasn’t released.

Benton added, “Mr Buttry allowed me to view the text messages on his cell phone which showed several text messages consistent wit people buying medication from him. After speaking with him about the medication shortage he did admit that he sold several of the Lortabs to other subjects and had given more to his daughter.”

Terry Buttry was charged with domestic assault, possession of Lortab with intent to deliver, possession of Xanax with intent to deliver, and simple possession of marijuana. 

Tammy Buttry was charged with domestic assault. 

Both were arraigned Monday in Hawkins County Sessions Court

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