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Photo gallery: Kingsport firefighters rescue ferret from drain

August 9th, 2013 2:24 pm by Nick Shepherd

Photo gallery: Kingsport firefighters rescue ferret from drain

Photo contributed by Kingsport Fire Department.

A wayward ferret needed help from Kingsport firefighters after getting stuck in a drain pipe.

On Wednesday night, a ferret escaped out of its owner’s house. Once out of the house, it got scared by a dog and ran into a drain pipe.

The drain pipe led back into the house inside of the basement, but when the ferret tried to come out, it ended up getting stuck in a 90 degree elbow.

The owner of the ferret called the fire department for help. The department decided to help since there is no 24 hour animal control and as long as did not interfere with emergency calls.

“We started by chipping away some concrete and digging some dirt,” said Senior captain on C shift, Mike Roeske. “It was stuck in the pipe tightly and we thought about splitting the pipe, but we didn’t want to hurt the animal.”

Roeske explained as soon as the firefighters started putting pressure on the pipe, the elbow broke away.

Once the ferret was out of the ground, the elbow was still stuck around the ferret. Earlier, the firefighters has used fabric softener to try and remove the ferret. The fabric softener caused the pipe to slide right over the ferret’s head.

Firefighters spent a total of two hours trying to free the ferret. Once it was safe, the owners washed the ferret and were going to take it to the vet for a check up.

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