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EcoLogical Energy Systems offers renewable energy alternatives

August 8th, 2013 12:00 am by Katina Rose

EcoLogical Energy Systems offers renewable energy alternatives

Have you seen a home or business with solar panels and wondered about the financial and environmental benefits?  

The Bristol, Tenn.-based renewable energy contractor, EcoLogical Energy Systems, provides a complete package for individuals and businesses interested in solar and wind energy.

Founded in 2010 by local business woman Marti Morenings, EcoLogical Energy Systems has experienced successful growth installing renewable energy systems in the Tri-Cities. You may have noticed their neat office on the parkway in Bristol with the solar panel awning and wind turbine. 

Morenings is also founder of Universal Companies, an international distribution company for spa and resort products based in Abingdon, Va. Universal began a sustainability program and started assisting spas to use organic and eco-friendly products and materials. This experience in the spa industry raised Morenings’ interest in not only personal wellness, but also awareness of the environment. When Morenings could not source a company locally to assist her solar power installation needs, she started the process of opening her own company.

From there, EcoLogical Energy Systems was created to assist other individuals in the Tri-Cities interested in solar and wind energy in their home or business.

EcoLogical Energy Systems (EES) works with its clients from start to finish in a solar photovoltaic (PV) power system installation. An EES sales representative visits a home or business to conduct a free site analysis and determine the energy consumption of the building. The client is provided a quote of the equipment and installation and a complete financial breakdown of how the system will pay itself back, typically 5 to 15 years.

“The payback of these systems depends on utility programs and the client’s ability to take advantage of the tax incentives,” said Nick Safay, EES Vice President of Operations & Development.

Individuals and businesses can take advantage of a 30 percent federal income tax credit on the cost of the system, and businesses can also reap the benefits of the current 50 percent accelerated bonus depreciation in the first year.  Some utilities buy the solar power back from its customers at premiums, which means some homeowners are actually generating income while not paying an electricity bill!

Safay said EES is proud to offer education and economical solutions for the community. He said they enjoy hosting events for the public to raise awareness on the advantages and benefits of installing a solar energy system.

EES also specializes in residential and commercial solar thermal water heating systems for hot water and pool heating, solar lighting and wind turbines. In all, the company has installed close to a megawatt of renewable energy capacity in the area to date.

“The number one reason people come to is to save money on their energy bill and to showcase their care and commitment to being 'green' and environmentally-friendly. The solar panels are a visible way to take a stand, while also serving a financial purpose,” said Safay.

For more information on EcoLogical Energy Systems, contact Nick Safay at 423-573-4361, email him at or visit

The office is located at 508 Volunteer Parkway in Bristol. 

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