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$11,000 worth of pocket watches stolen from Kingsport antique store

August 2nd, 2013 2:37 pm by Rain Smith

$11,000 worth of pocket watches stolen from Kingsport antique store

Surveillance still of the suspect provided by Kingsport police.

Thirteen antique pocket watches have been stolen from a Kingsport store — ranging in value from $275 to $2,200 a piece — after a man browsing its wares broke into a display case.

The suspect, whose image was captured by surveillance equipment, is believed to have picked a padlock on the case, reached inside, then walked out the door with more than $11,000 worth of timepieces.

Kingsport police report the incident occurred at approximately 2:35 p.m. last Friday, at P&J Antiques on Broad Street. KPD Public Information Officer Tom Patton says the suspect was furtively walking around the store, stopping at the display case several times and glancing around to see if he was watched.

He ultimately pulled some sort of tool from his pocket, according to Patton, and worked to open a padlock that secured the case. All the watches on display were allegedly snatched up and hidden on his person, then he left the business.

Anyone with information on the incident or man pictured is asked to contact Kingsport detectives at (423) 229-9429 or dial central dispatch at (423) 246-9111.

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