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Couple plead guilty to stealing firearms from woman’s father

July 19th, 2013 10:35 pm by Wes Bunch

Couple plead guilty to stealing firearms from woman’s father

GATE CITY — A Tennessee woman and her husband were found guilty in Scott County last week of breaking into her father’s home a year ago to steal firearms and sell them.

Megan Ball, of Church Hill, and Dustin Ball, of Kingsport, both pleaded guilty in Scott County Circuit Court last week to felony charges of breaking and entering and grand larceny.

Those charges stem from a June 2012 burglary the husband and wife carried out at the home of Megan Ball’s father, located in the Duffield area.

The Scott County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office said Megan Ball was sentenced following her plea last Wednesday.

“We reached a plea agreement with Megan based upon the victim’s request,” Scott County Commonwealth’s Attorney Marcus McClung said.

As a result of that plea agreement, Megan Ball was given a two-year prison sentence with only three months to serve. McClung said she must also submit to indefinite supervised probation as a condition of the agreement.

McClung said his office chose not to enter a plea agreement with Dustin Ball, who is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 9 in Scott County Circuit Court.

“He has a criminal history that is quite extensive,” McClung said. “There’s nothing really serious there, but he does have a lot of charges, so that’s why we didn’t do an agreement with him.” 

McClung said the pair broke into the home and made off with numerous guns they intended to sell for profit.

They were arrested following an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

Although not explicitly stated in their charges, McClung said he believed the crime was drug-related in some sense.

“I personally think it was a drug-related crime,” McClung said. “They stole firearms, and based on his prior criminal history, I would think it would be to sell for money to buy drugs.” 

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