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Update: Three arrested after police find bloody woman crawling for help

July 18th, 2013 2:53 pm by Rain Smith

Update: Three arrested after police find bloody woman crawling for help

Glenn Castle, Christy Hammonds and Jeremy Marsh

Update: 5 p.m.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Leslie Earhart reports police have learned that the victim is not Glenn Castle's daughter, as he originally claimed at the scene, but is instead his wife. 


Three Kingsport residents have been arrested after a battered woman was spotted crawling to a door for help — directly behind the back of her father, who was telling officers nothing was wrong.

A police report at the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office says that at approximately 3:15 Thursday morning deputies responded to 3320 Cardinal St., Kingsport. Dispatch had received a call stating that two men and a woman were "beating" a female at the home.

When officers knocked on the door, according to a police report, it was answered by Glenn Castle, 49, of the residence.

"While Mr. Castle was saying nothing was going on we observed a female on her hands and knees crawl up to the front door," states an officer's report.

Castle reportedly identified the woman, 32, as his daughter. Police say she had abrasions to her face and arms, was bleeding from the mouth and, "asking for help."

Castle was immediately detained, as EMS was dispatched to the home and transported the victim to the hospital. Upon questioning Castle allegedly denied that anyone else was at the residence, stating a pair of people there earlier had already left.

Police say a search found the couple hiding behind an outside storage building. They were identified as Jeremy Marsh, 38, and Christy Hammonds, 37. A search of Hammonds' purse reportedly discovered two spoons and five syringes, one containing a clear liquid. She allegedly identified the substance as morphine.

The victim reportedly told police that her father had punched her in the face, while Hammonds had hit her several times in the stomach. She allegedly said that Marsh had not assaulted her, but held her down so she couldn't leave.

All three of the suspects were arrested and transported to the Sullivan County jail in Blountville. Castle is charged with aggravated domestic assault and false reports, the latter prompted by his alleged lies to police.

Hammonds, of 104 Georgia Private Drive, Kingsport, is charged with aggravated assault, simple possession or casual exchange of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Marsh faces one charge of especially aggravated kidnapping.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Leslie Earhart says police are still investigating the incident, with it currently not known what may have spurred it.

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