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3R Massage Therapy: Repair, Relax, Rejuvenate

July 1st, 2013 2:45 pm by Debra McCown

3R Massage Therapy:  Repair, Relax, Rejuvenate

Marcy Aichel comes from a family of caregivers – and for a long time has felt a desire to help others through her caring touch.

Four years ago, she decided to pursue her longtime dream of becoming a massage therapist. After receiving her license in 2011, she opened 3R Massage Therapy, which now has four massage therapists.

She enjoys it so much, she says, she doesn’t even think of it as work – and she has seen the benefits firsthand.

When a longtime friend was dying of cancer, she said, her simple touch gave him a sense of peace that no medical procedure could – and inspired her to obtain the training needed to practice oncology massage.

When she saw a patient suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and related sleep problems, she said, the simple act of holding his head so he could rest proved more important than giving a traditional massage.

Her mission statement at 3R: “To serve all who seek a better quality of life through the healing power of touch.”

Marcy says a simple word of encouragement from her boyfriend in the summer of 2009 encouraged her to go to pursue her dream.

The following January, she enrolled in massage therapy school, receiving her degree in November 2010 from Reflections of Health School of Massage (ROHSOM) in Johnson City, and her license from the state of Tennessee in February 2011.

“As soon as I made the decision to pursue massage therapy, it was like I flipped a switch,” she said. “The opportunities have just presented themselves to me. I think that is how I know this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Daniel Pigeon, who has a 20-year nursing background, specializes in clothes-on medical massage. Dina Robinson has 18 years’ experience and is a licensed reflexologist. The newest addition to the 3R staff is Jason Corsberg, who also has a medical background.

3R Massage Therapy is located just off Exit 13 from Interstate 26, in a small commercial strip directly behind First Bank & Trust off of Bobby Hicks Highway in Gray. The address is 2102 Forest Drive, Suite #3.

Marcy says she discovered Daniel and Jason on a trip to ROHSOM for a free massage – a perk offered to alumni that helps students to get their required practice in.

“I could tell right away that these two guys were something special,” she said.

Daniel says his interest in massage also goes back many years. Decades ago, he suffered whiplash in a car accident, and he said his pain was greatly reduced through massage. It was an experience that he remembered years later when he saw medical patients suffering from pain.

He went to nursing school to help people, he said, and spent 20 years in nursing before he decided to become a massage therapist. While he saw many advancements over the years in the diagnosis and treatment of pain, he said it always bothered him to see patients who weren’t helped by drugs, surgery, injections or physical therapy.

“Something told me to look into massage because of the help that I had received,” he said, “and the more I looked into it, the more I figured that was what I really needed to do.”

Daniel said he’s done extensive research on pain reduction techniques, and combines 3,000-year-old methods with newly-developed ones. He said his “very slow, very deep muscle relaxation technique” is particularly effective in treating back, head, neck and sciatic pain.

Dina is a licensed reflexologist from Florida. She describes reflexology, which involves putting pressure on nerve endings in the feet, as “a full-body massage through your feet.”

“It massages the internal organs because reflexology promotes the same things massage does: blood flow, nerve conductivity and oxygen flow to all the organs and glands,” she said. She offers reflexology alone and in combination packages with massage.

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