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Stiltner, Woods take Late Model wins at Lonesome Pine Raceway

June 9th, 2013 7:58 pm by Staff Report

Stiltner, Woods take Late Model wins at Lonesome Pine Raceway

COEBURN — Ryan Stiltner and Hayden Woods split a Late Model doubleheader on Saturday night at Lonesome Pine Raceway with each driver recording a win and a runner-up finish in the 35-lap races.

Stiltner beat Woods to the checkered flag in Race 1 to earn his fifth Late Model win of the season. Ronnie McCarty, Robbie Ferguson and Adam Gray rounded out the top five.

In the second feature, Woods battled Stiltner in a four-lap shootout after a yellow flag with Woods edging ahead at the line for his first win of the year. McCarty, Ferguson and Elby Harrison completed the top-five finishers.

Other winners on the night included Kirby Gobble in Mod 4, Rob Austin in Super Street, Dan Hall in Pure 4, Roby Orr in Pure Street, Rannie Breeding in Iron Warriors and Lori Meadows in Powder Puff.

A full program will be on tap for next Saturday at Lonesome Pine. For more information, go to

Lonesome Pine Raceway Results
Saturday, June 8
Late Model
Race 1

1.  Ryan Stiltner; 2.  Hayden Woods; 3.  Ronnie McCarty; 4.  Robbie Ferguson; 5.  Adam Gray; 6.  Derek Woodward; 7.  Jenna Wagner; 8.  Kevin Wolfe; 9.  Elby Harrison; 10.  Joe White; 11.  Jeff Woodward; 12.  Robbie Ward.

Race 2
1.  Hayden Woods; 2.  Ryan Stiltner; 3.  Ronnie McCarty; 4.  Robbie Ferguson; 5.  Elby Harrison; 6.  Jenna Wagner; 7.  Kevin Wolfe; 8.  Joe White; 9.  Adam Gray; 10. Derek Woodward.

Modified 4
1.  Kirby Gobble; 2.  David Brown; 3.  Brad Ball; 4.  Rocky Yates; 5.  Hershell Robinette; 6.  Billy Duty; 7.  Danny O’Quinn; 8.  James Owens; 9.  Ryan Turner; DQ:  John Ward.

Super Street
1.  Rob Austin; 2.  Joey Sykes; 3.  Roger Neece; 4.  James Owens; 5.  Tommy Hess; 6.  James Meadows; 7.  Freddie Taylor Jr. ; DQ: David Brown.

Pure 4
1.  Dan Hall; 2.  Mitch Gibson; 3.  Tim Presley; 4.  BC Penley; 5.  Andrew Mullins; 6.  Billy Presley; 7.  BJ Large; 8.  Marty Shouse.

Pure Street
1.  Roby Orr; 2.  Keith Stiltner; 3.  Mike Breeding; 4.  Iggy Greer; 5.  Scotty Hurley; 6.  Emory Ratliff; 7.  Rusty Ratliff.

Iron Warriors
1.  Rannie Breeding; 2.  Emory Ratliff; 3.  Jamie Meadows; 4.  Michael Husted; 5.  Mike Boyd; 6.  Chris Clevenger; 7.  Mike Breeding; 8.  Scott Brooks; 9.  Cody Owens.

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