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PHOTO GALLERY: Elderly Hawkins woman's home repaired by mission volunteers

June 9th, 2013 1:14 pm by Jeff Bobo

PHOTO GALLERY: Elderly Hawkins woman's home repaired by mission volunteers

A senior mission group from the First Baptist Church of Columbia, Tenn., made repairs tot he home of 77-year-old Ruby Bailey last week on Browns Mountain Road, south of Rogersville. (photos courtesy of Sheldon Livesay)

ROGERSVILLE — A senior church group from Columbia, Tenn., spent last week working on the home of an elderly Hawkins County woman’s that was built from scrap materials many years ago and badly in need of repairs. 

Every summer Rogersville’s Of One Accord ministry organizes mission groups that come into Hawkins County for a week and perform renovations on homes for the needy.

Last week a mission from the First Baptist Church of Columbia, Tenn. spent the week making repairs at the home of 77-year-old Ruby Bailey on Browns Mountain Road south of Rogersville of near the Greene County line. 

“She’s 77 and lives by herself,” said Of One Accord director Sheldon Livesay. “There was a house her family grew up in behind this, and I think she said it burned. Her family built this house out of just scrap lumber. The roof leaks and the exterior was in really bad shape in a lot of places, but this group specializes in putting siding on.”

Livesay added, “This past week they made repairs to exterior walls, put siding on, and then some of them painted her interior walls. When they were done it looked like a completely different home.”

This is the 11th annual trip to Hawkins County for the Columbia group. This year they brought some of their grandchildren with them to help out, and that’s who did most of the interior painting.

Of One Accord accepts applications throughout the year for the home renovation projects which take place throughout the summer.

Mission groups provide the labor and most of the money for these projects comes from housing grants received by Of One Accord.

Replacing Bailey’s roof and windows were beyond the limitations of the mission volunteers, however. Fortunately Bailey qualified to have a professional contractor replace her windows and roof which will take place  this coming week.

Of One Accord home repair director Tammy Helton said these projects change the lives of the families they serve.  

“When you can’t afford to fix you roof and you are on a small social security check, the love shown by these teams coming help you with repairs you can’t do for yourself,” Helton said.

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