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Stories you may have missed

June 9th, 2013 12:32 pm by Staff Report

Below are a few of the stories you may have missed over the last week.

In training: Local teen on verge of qualifying for Westminster Dog Show

If you’ve ever house trained a dog, you know how hard it is. Now imagine training a dog to show off in front of hundreds of people.

Tense moments mark Sullivan budget talks

With about three weeks to go until Sullivan County’s next 12-month budget cycle begins, and with no budget proposal yet developed, the county’s Budget Committee voted Thursday to next meet more than a month from now.Hawkins County BOE approves $96K grant to create ‘positive climate’ in high schools

Parents upset over possible loss of Ketron co-principal

Some residents in Sullivan County’s Bloomingdale community are upset that veteran educator Sandra Ramsey may no longer help head Ketron Elementary School.

Editorial: First Amendment does not ‘trump all,’ as Shipley says

Speech that creates a clear and present danger to the public or incites to riot does not “trump all.” Speech that libels or slanders or that, as in the classic example, claims fire in a crowded theater, does not “trump all.”

Wellmont planning to cut 50 positions at SW Va. hospitals

Wellmont Health System announced Wednesday it is cutting about 50 positions from three Southwest Virginia hospitals and cited the lack of Medicaid expansion in the commonwealth as one of the reasons for the move.

Be paw-pared before visiting a dog park

A dog park can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your canine companions.  But before snapping on your dog’s leash and heading out the door, you may want to consider some tips from two local veterinarians to ensure both the safety and the health of your four-legged friend.

Katie’s dream: 13-year-old hoping to attend Turner syndrome conference to ‘fit in ... with people my own height’

When you ask most 13-year-old girls where they would like to go on vacation, some would say Disney World or the beach, but when you ask Katie Browder where she wants to go on vacation, she says to a medical conference.

7-year-old rouses sleeping family in time to escape burning home

 When 7-year-old Journey Williams woke up in the early morning hours of May 9, she was having a hard time seeing. The numbers on her cable box weren’t as bright, and that made her think something was wrong.

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