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Man rejuvenates life through two-wheeled adventure

May 20th, 2013 7:59 am by Kayla Carter, NET News Service

Man rejuvenates life through two-wheeled adventure

Marc Alessandria

About three months into his second Johnson City residency, some people have realized Marc Alessandria is someone who may have a hard time going unnoticed.

Many of Alessandria's most recent acquaintances agree he has a loud and friendly personality.

When prompted, Alessandria may flash his business card, which depicts a wolf atop Stonehenge howling at the moon amid a lightning storm.

On the back of his imaginative card, he describes himself as a "dice thrower, positive thinker and occasional laughter elicitor."

"I kind of consider myself an intense person," said Alessandria, who is originally from Florida but lived in Johnson City briefly when he was 6.

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