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Tennessee Senate to hear bill to halt annexations

April 7th, 2013 6:58 pm by Gary B. Gray

A bill that would halt all city-initiated, or so-called “forced” annexations statewide for two years, will hit the Senate floor Monday in Nashville, and its passage has major implications not only for Johnson City, but for Washington County as well.

Oddly enough, leaders from both entities share some of the same concerns over the bill and feel it will do more harm than good. Many believe the bill developed from an ongoing adversarial relationship between the two and a perceived aggressive annexation policy by the city, though it has played by the rules.

But a bill that was barely a blip on the radar screen six weeks ago has now set off an emergency alarm. And when all the complicated political lingo, the lobbying and huffing and puffing is set aside, there remains one critical point that city and county officials hope will be addressed before it’s too late: what once was a matter that local governments worked out among themselves is about to become a state dictate that could severely deflate economic development, tax revenues, school funds and public services.

Read the full story on the Johnson City Press website.

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