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No changes planned for Mount Carmel curve, site of 13 crashes in 2012

March 27th, 2013 3:13 pm by Jeff Bobo

No changes planned for Mount Carmel curve, site of 13 crashes in 2012

The last of 13 accidents that occurred on the Mount Carmel curve near 830 Hammond Avenue in 2012 was a head-on collission that sent a mother and two small children to the hospital on Dec. 12.

MOUNT CARMEL - Mount Carmel Mayor Larry Frost told the Board of Mayor and Aldermen Tuesday no changes will be made to the road surface on the dangerous curve where 13 accidents occurred in 2012 near 830 Hammond Avenue.

Frost said no accidents had occurred there since police began writing warning tickets, and  using a stationary speed monitor.

“Speed is the factor, and I don’t think the city needs to spend any money over there to resurface the road,” Frost said. “We’ll just continue to do what we’re doing, leave the speed monitor over there, and let the officers do their job.”

Frost added, “If you slow down there’s no problem. If you go through at 50 mph there’s a problem.”

The speed monitor sits beside property owned by alderman Wanda Davidson. She said it’s an eyesore and asked if it would be there “for eternity.”

Mayor Frost said at some point in the future he would like to place a permanent street sign leading up to the dangerous area warning motorists to slow down. The speed monitor will remain for now, Frost said, and the BMA will review its status in a couple of months.  

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