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UT anthropologists search area where remains found in Carter County

January 8th, 2013 10:42 pm by JOHN THOMPSON, Johnson City Press

ELIZABETHTON — Three anthropologists from the world famous University of Tennessee forensic anthropology program were on Gap Creek Road Tuesday to search for more clues to the identity and the cause of death of a body found here last week.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes said his investigators and a team from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had already recovered the bones and other items during an initial search when the body was discovered last Wednesday. Mathes said the investigators were careful to remove only the evidence that was lying on the surface and not to disturb anything that was lying beneath the surface.

It fell to the UT team to recover the rest of the evidence on the surface, remove the leaf litter and go slightly below the surface, Mathes said. Fortunately, the remains had not been scattered and the area to be searched was along a slight ridge. The investigators also got a break with mild winter weather to make the search go easier and quicker. Mathes said he believed the team would complete their work in a single day.

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