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Alleged DUI driver crashes in Blountville drive-thru with children

January 2nd, 2013 12:02 pm by Rain Smith

Alleged DUI driver crashes in Blountville drive-thru with children

Robert Schenker, 42, of 134 Mapleview Drive, Bristol, Tenn.

A Bristol man faces charges of child neglect and DUI after allegedly crashing his vehicle in the drive-thru of a Blountville fast food restaurant.

According to statements from employees, the building moved when struck by his Ford pickup. Police responded to find two children, ages 2 and 7, inside the vehicle, while the driver allegedly admitted to taking a morphine pill. He reportedly "thought it was fine" to operate a vehicle while under its influence.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:40 Friday night at the Burger King on Blountville Bypass, directly in front of the Sullivan County Justice Center and Sheriff's Office. A deputy responded to find Robert Schenker, 42, of 134 Mapleview Drive, Bristol, Tenn., standing beside his 1985 Ford pickup. The vehicle reportedly suffered disabling damage to the left front, while an iron fence that was supposed to be connected to the Burger King building was laying in the parking lot.

A Sullivan County Sheriff's Office arrest report states two children were inside the cab of Schenker's pickup. A 7-year-old, who stated her mouth was hurting after the collision, was found properly buckled into a child restraint. The other child, 2, was found inside a booster seat intended for an 8-year-old.

Schenker allegedly spoke to employees with slurred speech just prior to the collision, while the responding officer notes he was also unsteady on his feet. He reportedly performed poorly on field sobriety tests, saying he struck the iron fence and building because his pickup "slid" while exiting the drive-thru.

Police say Schenker admitted to taking a morphine pill, claiming he had ingested it nearly 10 hours prior. He was transported to Bristol Regional Medical Center for blood and alcohol testing then booked into the Sullivan County jail.

Schenker is charged with DUI, two counts of child neglect and violation of child restraint laws. He was released Saturday after posting $5,000 bond, while the Department of Children's Service were notified of the incident by police.

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