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Dog bites car, horses buried on wrong property in Hawkins County

January 1st, 2013 9:45 pm by Rain Smith

Law enforcement officers deal with a variety of calls, complaints and incidents throughout the year. Take a look back at some of the more unusual blotter entries of 2012, derived from police reports in Hawkins County. The Times-News began the twice-weekly blotter feature in March.


• A woman, who formerly rented a residence on Stanley Valley Road, reported the property’s landlord had been opening mail sent to her old residence; including a check to help pay for her sister’s funeral. The landlord allegedly admitted to taking the mail, “but it was all a joke to get her to pay the money she owes.”

• Police responded to Lake Access Road in reference to a vehicle fire. A 21-year-old reported he was driving a 1998 Plymouth Voyager “on the lake bottom” when it hit a rock and ignited the blaze. The van was a total loss.

• A Mooresburg resident called police to report he had paid a man $200 to bury three dead horses — but he buried the animals on the wrong property.


• A Rogersville woman reported her two daughters had been assaulted by a man who refused to leave the outside of her home. The man, who was reportedly “wearing a helmet,” head-butted one of the women, and bent the other’s finger back.

• A newspaper carrier advised a dog had bitten his vehicle’s bumper on Reynolds Hill Avenue. He said the same dog chases him every night.


• A Mooresburg teenager, 17, reported he had been talking to a girl he thought to be 16 years old. Upon learning she was only 13 he attempted to break off communications, but the girl allegedly kept harassing him by text message.

• A deputy responded to a mobile home park on Dogwood Lane in reference to shots fired. A resident on scene admitted to firing a .38 caliber handgun in the air “cuz I was mad.” She was arrested for reckless endangerment.


• Police were called to a domestic disturbance on Simpson Road, learning the argument revolved around vacation plans. A male resident advised his wife had become irate when he stated he “didn’t want to be miserable on vacation,” and consequently, “did not want to go anywhere with her.”

• Police were called to the Quarryville Boat Dock where a woman reported being assaulted by her girlfriend. She stated the suspect stuck a finger in her eye, so she grabbed her around the throat with one hand and choked her “until she let go of my eye.” Police say both women had visible injuries of an altercation, each was arrested for domestic assault.

• A Mooresburg man reported being threatened via Facebook, after a female sent a message stating “she was going to have bikers come and get him.”


• Police were called to River Road, where a woman claimed her neighbor had stolen her “No Trespassing” sign. An officer located the sign attached to a pole on the suspect’s property, with him claiming it had blown into his yard during a storm. He further stated, “If she wants it back, she can battle me in court.”

• Police were alerted to a vandalism on Heck Hollow Road, where someone had poured “a large amount of dirt” into a swimming pool.

• Police were called to the parole office in Rogersville to arrest a man for violation of probation. During booking at the jail an “artificial penis with a bag of what is believed to be urine” were found in his possession. He stated he purchased the kit in order to pass a drug test.


• A resident of Beery Lane in Mooresburg called police after a neighbor “threw a bucket of nails in the road because he was frustrated with speeders.” The nails had been cleaned up when police arrived, while the man responsible had left the location.


• A man on Ely Road claimed he was mowing his yard when his mother-in-law, 73, drove a car onto the lawn and in his direction. She told police the property is hers by deed, he’s just living there and would soon be evicted. An officer advised the pair to seek advice of an attorney if they wished to pursue private prosecution.

• Police were dispatched to a dispute between neighbors on River Road. One resident claimed a neighbor was weed eating a ditch line when he discovered a dead rat, pitching it into the complainant’s yard. The weed trimmer said he merely kicked the dead rodent out of his way, prompting the other man to come running outside screaming and cussing. Police took no action.


• A deputy observed a vehicle traveling Highway 11-W with expired registration. A stop was conducted with it being discovered the driver’s license is suspended. After being handcuffed and placed into the police cruiser, the woman allegedly offered to pay the deputy $500 to let her go free. The report says she was told that’s considered bribery, and was “advised not to make any more statements.”

• A Bulls Gap woman, 65, told police she was drinking beer with her grandson when an argument erupted over “family issues.” She said her grandson, 28, became more and more angry, eventually pushing her off the front porch. The alleged victim suffered a broken wrist in the incident while a warrant was issued for the man’s arrest.


• A Rogersville woman reported being threatened by a man. He allegedly told her, “If I wasn’t crippled I’d shut you up.”

• A Vicars Chapel Road resident reported going outside her home to investigate a noise. While walking around her vehicles she was allegedly sucker punched and knocked to the ground, with the attacker stating, “I’ll teach you to mess with my man!”


• A female called police to report she had just struck a mailbox while driving Main Street in Surgoinsville — while intoxicated — and she wished to turn herself in. A deputy responded to her location where she performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was arrested.

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