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Police probe how Kingsport man was run over in driveway

November 9th, 2012 11:12 am by Rain Smith

Police are investigating how a Kingsport man was run over by a car in his driveway early Friday morning, incurring serious injuries to the head and one arm.

It occurred shortly after midnight at 2106 Millye Street. Kingsport Police Officer Dale Farmer says the resident, Donald Vest, 54, was being dropped off by Michael Barrett, 53, of Avoca Road in Bristol, Tenn.

The men had reportedly met just hours earlier at a bar on John B. Dennis Highway. A third man was also reportedly in Barrett's Honda Accord, with Barrett letting he and Vest out at the home.

Police believe Vest somehow fell and hit his head, landing behind Barrett's car. Farmer says Barrett was alerted to Vest's injury by the other man, with the two believing Vest would be OK if they just took him inside.

Barrett is believed to have exited his vehicle then got back inside, mistakenly thinking Vest was moved out of the way. He put the car in reverse and began backing out of the driveway, driving over top of Vest.

Farmer said all three men had been drinking and an investigation is continuing. The findings of that probe will later be presented to a Sullivan County grand jury for consideration of charges.

As of late Friday morning Vest remained hospitalized. Police say his injuries are serious but considered non-life threatening.

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