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Fuel delivery driver accidentally puts diesel into underground tank for regular gas at Murphy Oil station in Rogersville

November 5th, 2012 10:18 pm by Jeff Bobo

ROGERSVILLE — Murphy Oil is advising customers of the Rogersville station to call an 800 number if they pumped diesel fuel into their regular gas vehicle last month due to a mistake made by the station’s fuel delivery driver.

Murphy Oil Vice President of Operations Support Services Angelos Lambis told the Times-News Monday that on the evening of Oct. 25 a fuel delivery driver accidentally put diesel fuel into an underground tank for regular gas pumps.

Lambis said he didn’t know exactly how many customers were affected, but those who suffered mechanical problems will be reimbursed for the cost of repairs.

“We’ve had a handful right now, and we are currently taking care of those customers,” Lambis said. “When an incident like that happens, they typically tell us right then and there, and our policy is to take care of our customers. We had the delivery that evening, and by morning we were already shut down and taking care of customers.”

Lambis added, “We stand behind the quality of our fuel, and unfortunately the carrier in this instance made a mistake in how they dropped the fuel. But we’re more than happy to take care of our customers.”

Customers who believe they were affected by the fuel mix-up can call 1-800-843-4298. Customers will be asked to verify their proof of purchase with a receipt or credit card statement.

The cost of repairs can reached several hundred dollars. A certified mechanic told the Times-News that although diesel fuel won’t cause permanent damage to a regular gas vehicle, the regular gas vehicle will not run on diesel fuel. In these cases the vehicle’s gas tank, fuel lines, and fuel injection or carburetor system must be completely drained.

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