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Biggie's Clam Bar offers refreshing menu choices for Kingsport diners

August 27th, 2012 11:18 am by Staff Report

Biggie's Clam Bar offers refreshing menu choices for Kingsport diners

Biggie's Clam Bar has just unveiled a quick selection of lunch menu items, priced at $8 or less, that they can guarantee in 12 minutes or less to meet the tight demands on time for the local workforce.

After just nine months at its Kingsport location, Biggie's Restaurant, Raw Bar and Tavern has been "packed to the gills," figurately speaking of course. This fresh idea for Kingsport's mostly chain-driven dining community has been a welcome and refreshing choice for diners since the doors opened at 417 West Stone Drive in late October of last year. With a menu selection that rivals any of the big-box restaurants in the Tri-Cities, Biggie's Clam Bar offers plenty of unique options to please nearly any diner.

From its well-practiced humble beginnings in New Jersey, starting in the 1940s, the founders of Biggie's opened up shop selling not much more than clams, fresh seafood, hot dogs and cheesesteaks. Then in 2010, the fourth generation of the company's owners, Michael and Steven Ranuro, decided to take a giant step in menu and concept as they developed their plan to divide their restaurants into two parts: a warm and relaxed family dining section on one side, and a sports tavern on the other. With this approach, they soon discovered they could please a much larger and more diverse audience, just like the one they've found in Kingsport.

Biggie's is famous for its friendly staff and has been family-owned and operated since 1946. That said, regular patrons can tell you they've met the owners, who make it a point to meet as many of their customers in person as possible.

"There's no secret to doing business with people the right way," Ranuro says. "You just let them know you're glad that they are there; simple is better. Just like with our food, we don't skimp. Our portions are very generous, our steaks are hand-cut choice quality, our ribs are award-winning. We have over 20 different sandwiches and all our cold water seafood is superbly fresh. We seek out the finest quality foods for our customers, which has been a tradition for generations with us and we won't waiver on quality; it's just not up for discussion."

With a relentless passion for great food and dining options, Biggie's Clam Bar has just unveiled a fabulous and quick selection of lunch menu items, priced at $8 or less, that they can guarantee in 12 minutes or less to meet the tight demands on time for the local workforce. They are open daily at 11 a.m., and are about to launch a smartphone app with the newly-designed company website that will allow customers the option of ordering their lunch on their way in, so that they can take their time and enjoy it when they arrive!

"We've done the math and we understand how much time folks really have left to eat after they drive here and drive back. This is important and we will meet the requirements!" Ranuro says.

"We've already made arrangements for football season, too, by ordering both NFL and college football packages to make sure our customers have a great place to watch their favorite games all week - accompanied, of course, with great specials! As a non-chain, family-owned restaurant, we don't have to get corporate approval for anything, we will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy, run a good business, and be supportive of the community and its needs."

Here's what some customers have had to say:

"Good place to just hang out. Friendly staff, great food, wonderful service and clean restaurant." - Linda

"Thanks so much! We had a great time. You are such a great community advocate. Kingsport is blessed to have you here!" - Teresa.

Since opening in Kingsport, Biggie’s has raised and donated more than $7,000 to area charities and was just entered as a candidate in the 2012 KOSBE Small Business Awards. Biggie's will be making appearances at several local charity events in coming months, including the Annual Wine-Tasting Event for March of Dimes at Bristol Motor Speedway. As it wraps up its first summer in Kingsport, the restaurant has also been making a lot of noise behind the scenes with incredible seafood, live music, sports coverage and the latest big news about the upcoming patio expansion, which will nearly double the original size!

The famous raw bar has also shaken up "the norm" of the area with further development of its Biggies' catering. Having one of the region's only mobile raw bars allows more diversity in catering and gives it, overall, one of the most diverse catering menus in the Tri-Cities, quality guaranteed. For more information, call 423-765-9633 and speak with our management staff about catering your event. Or download our menu online at


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