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Sunday Scrapbook wants your best shots

August 3rd, 2012 8:38 am by Staff Report

Sunday Scrapbook wants your best shots

Hayden and Brenna Chismar enjoy a cool treat. How do you beat the heat? Show us by sending in your photos to

Sunday Stories invites you to share life’s memorable moments each week in Sunday Scrapbook. From family vacations and summer activities to back-to-school nights and fall fun, we invite you to share your photos and stories each week in Sunday Scrapbook.

It's been one of the hottest summers on record. So, currently, we’re looking for photos that illustrate how you, your friends and/or your family members have "Beat the Heat" during the summer months.

So whether you're swimming, enjoying cool treats or just hanging out indoors with family or friends, take your camera along and share your favorite photos with us. We also welcome pictures from family vacations, reunions, birthday parties, mission trips, band camps, fundraising events and everyday life.

The only thing we ask is that the photos be of an event that has already occurred, preferably within the past six months. Photos and information promoting upcoming events should be sent to:

Of course, a new school year is also just around the corner so feel free to share photos from school-related activities throughout the year. We welcome photos of classroom activities, school assemblies, athletic events, band competitions, Homecoming celebrations and more. We also welcome pictures of pets, nature, weather-related events and local communities.

It only takes a few minutes to email a picture - and the memories last a lifetime.

Stories are also welcome, so share those too. Photos should be sent in jpg format, and should be approximately 5 x 7 in size, resolution 200 dots per inch, or a total file size not less than 1 megabyte. Be sure to send the photos as attachments to an email, and not as a link to any outside site. The word count for stories should not exceed 300 words. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Here's how to submit your picture(s):

Scan and email it to:

Just be sure that it's at least one megabyte and 200 dpi. Also, send it as an attachment to an email and not as a link to any outside site.

Mail or deliver it to: Kingsport Times-News, Attn: Carmen Musick, 701 Lynn Garden Drive, Kingsport, TN 37662.

We recommend that you have a copy made and send it. However, if you send the original and want it back, please be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope or make plans to come back and pick it up after it publishes.

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