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Giuseppe's serves authentic Italian cuisine

June 27th, 2012 11:41 am by Katina Rose

Giuseppe's serves authentic Italian cuisine

Giuseppe's strives to bring authentic, fresh and delicious Italian cuisine to its customers' tables.

Authentic, fresh and delicious Italian cuisine in Kingsport started with the immigration of an Italian family to New York in 1973.

Raffaele and Mike Misciagna were teenagers when their family left their hometown in southeast Italy to make the journey to the United States. They lived in New York for approximately five years while learning the English language and working in an Italian restaurant.

During this time, the Misciagna brothers often dreamed of and discussed owning their own Italian restaurant in the future. Their dream started taking shape when, in 1978, a family friend told them about a restaurant named Italian Village opening in Kingsport, Tenn. The owner was seeking qualified and interested individuals to buy the restaurant after it was open. Raffaele flew down to the Tri-Cities Airport from LaGuardia for his first visit to Tennessee to consider management and ownership of the brothers’ first potential restaurant.

The Misciagnas liked the area and decided it was a good location to start making their dream a reality. East Tennessee’s relaxed atmosphere and friendly residents reminded them of their hometown in Italy.

After several months of working in the restaurant, the Misciagna brothers decided to take a leap of faith and purchase Italian Village, located in the Fort Henry Mall (which is today known as the Kingsport Town Center).

"We made a lot of sacrifices in the beginning and started with very little. We had the work experience and through trial and error we gained the business knowledge. We knew the product and how to give the customer good quality service and products. Through a lot of work hours, seven days a week, and sacrifice, the opportunity opened up to build Giuseppe’s," said Raffaele Misciagna.

Through steady and slow growth, the original menu at Giuseppe’s grew over time with demand and repeated requests. As the Misciagna brothers incorporated their own Italian hometown flair to the menu specials, they developed and grew their devoted customer base.

In the beginning, the basic Italian ingredients were difficult to find and bring into the area. But, over time, with technology and improvements in the shipping industry, it became easier to obtain the necessary authentic items they needed to give the Tri-Cities' residents a taste of their hometown in Italy.

They try to keep in touch with the traditional Italian favorites, but also strive to incorporate new tastes and items into their menu. Everything is made in-house and with only the freshest products. Mike Misciagna is the main chef and stays busy in the kitchen overseeing the staff there.

Over the years, Raffaele and Mike’s parents, their other two brothers and extended family members have made Kingsport their home. The Misciagna family now successfully manages and operates Giuseppe’s, Raffaele’s and Italian Village, all located in Kingsport.

Raffaele credits the devoted and faithful employees they have worked with over the years as part of their success in Kingsport.

"My only link between me and my customers is the server. We have good people working for us and I’m lucky to have the quality of people I have assisting us in our restaurants," said Raffaele. "We have been in business almost 35 years now and hope to continue for many more years to take care of our customers. Kingsport has been good to us over the years."

Sheer determination and a passion for the restaurant business have contributed to the Misciagna brothers’ success. They are willing to accommodate any dietary needs and special requests are always welcomed. They also cater and can personalize a special occasion or celebration in Giuseppe’s private dining area.

For additional information about Italian Village located in the Kingsport Town Center, Raffaele’s at 4309 Fort Henry Drive or Giuseppe’s at 2539 East Stone Drive, contact Raffaele Misciagna at 423-288-5265 or Also visit their website for a complete menu listing at

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