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Englewood Lawn and Landscapes celebrates 10 years in the Tri-Cities

June 18th, 2012 12:31 pm by Katina Rose

Englewood Lawn and Landscapes celebrates 10 years in the Tri-Cities

Englewood Lawn and Landscapes is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year.

When James Schnepel was a young boy growing up on a farm in Southern Illinois, he always enjoyed helping out with his family’s garden and flowerbeds. As he grew up, if he wasn’t doing his farm duties he could likely be found assisting his grandmother with landscaping chores. Because of his natural desire and passion working with gardens and landscaping, it was no surprise when he made the decision to incorporate his lifelong interest into his college and professional career.

After graduating from Mississippi State University with a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, Schnepel decided to do a global job-hunting search. About six months ago, he arrived in Kingsport - after several interviews and research - to work for Englewood Lawn and Landscapes and has felt right at home ever since with the company.

In February 2002, Englewood Lawn and Landscapes, LLC, was started by owners Mike Duncan and Tim Simounet in Mike’s garage with two used pickups and tools out of their basements. Over the years, Duncan and Simounet took the smart growth approach by slowly expanding and adding employees as the business took off and their client base grew. Six years ago, Englewood moved to Kingsport due to their growing Kingsport client base and to have a central location to best serve the entire Tri-Cities.

Englewood Lawn and Landscapes is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year and Schnepel feels fortunate to have found such a welcoming company that allows him the freedom to express his landscaping ideas in a positive atmosphere.

Along with general landscaping, Englewood provides a wide array of maintenance services such as mulching, lawn aeration, insect and weed control, and customized lawn-care treatments, just to name a few services. They also provide landscape design consultation, irrigation, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, water features, natural stone work, outdoor living spaces as well as outdoor kitchens.

Schnepel is quick to point out that customer service is essential to every employee at Englewood and that customers become friends and part of the Englewood family.

"I absolutely love working here and I have the best customers. Everyone here has been welcoming and willing to listen to my ideas and showcase my knowledge and abilities through my education and experience," said Schnepel.

He laughingly notes that it was intimidating coming into a large company as the "new kid from the midwest" but has found everyone, especially his customers, to be extremely gracious, friendly and open to new ideas, high quality work and something unique for their landscapes.

Schnepel works with an extremely talented design team which features three full-time designers. Tim Simounet leads the design team, leading Schnepel and Jarett Crump in sales for the company. Crump also holds a B.S. in Landscape Horticulture. With over 30 years experience and multiple collegiate degrees, Englewood features one of the most educated and diverse design teams in the region.

Schnepel is excited about the possibilities with Englewood and the Tri-Cities. His master’s program focused on green technology, which included rain gardens.

"I am seeing green technology being introduced as ordinances and I hope myself and Englewood can become a part of that process," said Schnepel.

For more information on Englewood Lawn and Landscapes or to schedule a free estimate, call 423-726-2481, visit their website at or, for regular updates and opportunities to win great prizes for your landscape, "Like" them on Facebook.






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