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Sweetheart Candles offers fundraisers

June 1st, 2012 1:31 pm by Katina Rose

Sweetheart Candles offers fundraisers

Gina Skelton, who operates Sweetheart Candles, has 11 different fragrances to choose from and those include a wide variety, such as Blueberry Cobbler, Apple Jack and Peel, and Coconut Bay.

About a year ago, Gina Skelton decided she wanted to find a part-time job and fulfill a desire to help non-profit organizations raise money. With these two thoughts, the creation of Sweetheart Candles began.

Gina started experimenting with candle making and asking friends for feedback on her candles. She received such positive remarks about the scents and quality of her candles that she pushed forward with the concept of owning her own business and helping others.

Various groups, such as church groups raising funds for a mission trip or sports teams, have sold Sweetheart Candles to raise money, but Skelton encourages any group looking for a way to raise funds to contact her about selling candles. Skelton even makes the fundraising process easier by pre-sorting the orders before they are picked up. She will have all the candles sorted out by seller, so that once the person heading the fundraiser picks them up, all they need to do is hand the complete order over to the seller for delivery.

"No matter how large or how small your fundraising group is, we will take care of you," said Skelton.

Another great advantage to the Sweetheart Candles fundraiser is the fast turn-around time to pick them up. Once Skelton has the order forms, she will fill and pre-sort the orders to be picked up the next day.

There is also a consignment plan where a group can pick up a determined amount of candles to sell. They are held with a credit card until the money is handed over from the fundraiser.

There are 11 different fragrances to choose from and include a wide variety, such as Blueberry Cobbler, Apple Jack and Peel, and Coconut Bay. On the back of each order form is a detailed description of each scent.

Sweetheart Candles are also located at various retailers throughout the area. They can also be purchased individually by visiting the website. All of the fundraising forms and information are located online at For additional information or details about how to get started on a fundraiser, contact Gina Skelton at 423-357-1753.

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