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Local mom reflects on motherhood

May 17th, 2012 4:58 pm by Sam Bass

Local mom reflects on motherhood

Bethany Wilson shares her busy life with husband, Michael, and their six-month-old son, "Knoxie."

"Children and Mothers never truly part, Bound in the beating of each others heart." ~ Charlotte Gray ~

Bethany Wilson loves her husband, her family and her friends. She loves her God. She loves her business. And she loves her six-month-old son, "Knoxie."

Bethany is the proprietor of Blowfish Emporium, a popular fine art gallery located in Bristol, Va. Her husband, Michael, is a pharmacist at the Mountain Home VA Medical Center in Johnson City. In addition to Bethany’s active family and professional life, she’s also involved in a variety of community affairs and a local youth ministry.

"I think everyone I know gave me all sorts of advice about having a baby," said 28-year-old Bethany. "Mostly they cautioned that my whole life would change."

But she found that her life really hasn’t changed so much, but her perspective of life has broadened and reached a whole new level.

"It feels like I’m living out a long list of clichés every day," Bethany said. "Yes, I could stare at my son sleeping all day. Yes, my understanding of love has changed significantly. Yes, I get less sleep. And yes, I change more diapers than I know what to do with."

But motherhood isn’t only watching a child sleep peacefully, or redefining love, or the lack of sleep, or even the specter of the mountain of diapers every new mother lovingly faces daily.

It’s all these and much, much more.

"To me, the meaning of motherhood is found in the indescribable bond and deep love between a woman and her child," said Bethany. "In the end, it’s the opportunity every mother has to embrace the unconditional love of her child which fills her heart and very soul with great joy."

Bethany believes her family has been profoundly blessed.

"The Lord has been so good to me," said Bethany, "but now having a baby of my own, I have a newfound understanding of the wish of every woman to want the absolute best for their children."

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