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Tri-City Chapter of Tennessee Firearms Association seeking new members

March 26th, 2012 10:03 am by Staff Report

Tri-City Chapter of Tennessee Firearms Association seeking new members

The gun safety class is for all skill levels and covers all aspects of gun safety and the different parts of a gun.

By Katina Rose

The Tri-Cities has a new community organization promoting gun safety, and it is currently holding a charter membership drive.

Alan Staten is the president of the Tri-City Chapter of the Tennessee Firearms Association, and is encouraging other individuals concerned about gun rights to join the not-for-profit organization.

"We want to get the word out that we are here, we are part of the state wide association and looking for members in the entire Tri-Cities. We currently have approximately 15 members. We are striving to increase membership and encourage interested people to attend a meeting. The individual annual membership fee is only $35," Staten said.

The Tennessee Firearms Association was established in 1995 and seeks "to protect the right to keep, bear, and wear arms in Tennessee."

The Tri-City Chapter meets once a month at Pratt’s, 1225 East Stone Drive, from 6 to 7 p.m., on the third Tuesday of each month. The group meets to discuss legislation, listen to guest speakers, or discuss ways they can assist and serve area residents.

Joint members from the TFA Tri-City Chapter and the Boones Creek Ruritan Club are working together on community service projects to serve the Tri-Cities. Their first mission is to provide aid to area residents by bringing in needed items in their newly-donated concession trailer.

Curtis Davis, vice-president of Boones Creek Ruritan Club, and a member of the TFA, said, "We want to be a resource. We want to take the trailer to areas with local disasters, such as weather disasters, and provide that trailer and our services as a joint effort between the TFA and the Boones Creek Ruritan. We hope to serve meals to workers cleaning up, provide water, or any way we can be an outsource program for the community."

The TFA not only wants to educate people about gun rights and how to properly handle a gun, but it wants to encourage community awareness, and encourages members to become active in volunteer opportunities. The partnership between the Tennessee Firearms Association and the Boones Creek Ruritan Club is a newly formed joint venture, but is a natural fit. The Ruritan Club has always promoted gun safety and gun laws. When Staten and Davis started talking about the goals for each group, they realized both had a lot of common ground in what they wanted to accomplish. They hope to continue working together on community needs and assisting local areas as both organizations grow.

Women are also playing a large role in the development of the TFA. Diane Nelson, a realtor with Blue Ridge Properties and a member of both TFA and the Boones Creek Ruritan Club, recently participated in a gun safety class at Cherokee Rod & Gun Club in Kingsport with several other women realtors.

"It was an eight-hour class and it went over different types of guns, along with cleaning and storage of guns. We got to hold and learn about the different parts of a gun and, at the end of the day, we went to the firing range," Nelson said. "If you passed the test at the end, you then had to go to the Department of Safety and fill out paperwork and be fingerprinted. After that process, the paperwork goes to the state and then you will receive your gun permit to carry a gun."

"We had two women attend the class who had never touched a gun before and they scored 100 percent on the test," Nelson said. The class is for all skill levels and covers all aspects of gun safety and the different parts of a gun. The class at Cherokee Rod & Gun club is held the first Saturday of each month. The cost is $80 and all materials are provided. Anyone interested in attending a gun safety class can contact the TFA Tri-City Chapter for a list of facilities.

For additional information, or to join the Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc. / Tri-City Chapter, please contact Alan Staten at 423-292-5464 (cell), email or visit the website at

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