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I Love Books Bookstore offers wide selection

March 12th, 2012 2:09 pm by Staff Report

I Love Books Bookstore offers wide selection

Between the store showroom, a backroom stocked with 40,000 books, a warehouse with over 50,000 books, and an online site with access to over 5 million books, I Love Books provides a wide selection.

By Katina Rose

Dr. T. Glen Moody is a very resourceful man when it comes to books. If you need assistance finding a new book, a used book, a book out of print, a question about the history of the book business, or if you need a book repaired, Dr. Moody is the individual to seek.

While attending graduate school in Chicago, Moody became a partner in a bookstore and enjoyed the business so much that he has continued in the book business for the past 40 years. A year and half ago, Moody decided to open a book store in the Fort Henry Mall and fittingly named it, I Love Books, which captures his passion and personality.

"Independent stores are about a lot more than just selling books. What we really do is teach people and help people, " said Moody.

If a student comes in and needs help with a paper, Moody will gladly assist the student with books they may need to locate and use for an assignment. If a book is out of print, he will research and try to locate the book.

"Independent stores are all about service," Moody said. "We place book orders for our customers and for our store 12 hours a day, every day, and 90 percent of orders arrive within 48 hours."

I Love Books Bookstore recently joined the American Booksellers Association and a new website will be available soon to assist people in finding books online. Customers will have the ability to search, read reviews, and place online orders to be shipped to their homes. The website will also provide eBooks from Google Books that can be read on most eBook devices. "We carry the majority of New York Times bestsellers, as well as a recently expanded variety of kids' books including a nice selection of children’s classics, Dr. Seuss books, Berenstain Bears, and similar items. We choose to provide literature that helps people learn, grow, and improve their minds," Moody said.

I Love Books provides a wide variety of books. Between the store showroom, a backroom stocked with 40,000 books, a warehouse with over 50,000 books, and an online site with access to over 5 million books, this bookstore aims to provide complete customer service and satisfaction.

There are also future plans to hold regional book signings at the store with groups of local authors.

"We sell lots of books on cities and towns in Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Western North Carolina. The Foxfire Books, books on the Melungeons, local authors, and cooking are popular categories."

Along with providing and finding books, Moody also binds and repairs books for people. Hand bookbinding is a craft that requires skill and patient hands. Rebinding a book or Bible by hand includes approximately 50 separate steps that take place over a time span of several days. Moody has spent as many as 500 hours on a single book, or as little as 15 minutes in making a simple repair or restoration. Many of his jobs take between 8 and 14 hours of labor to complete.

Moody stays consistently busy with bookbinding, especially in the fall months as many people start thinking about Christmas and have a family Bible or book they want repaired for a gift. He completes all the work by hand and a customer is secure in knowing the book never leaves the store.

As an avid reader and lifelong learner, Moody recently completed his Ph.D. degree and earned a second master’s degree at the age of 60. Because of his wealth of knowledge, passion for everything related to books, and his willingness to assist people, I Love Books is sure to be a favorite spot for everyone else who loves books.

I Love Books is located in the Kingsport Town Center (formerly the Fort Henry Mall) next to Italian Village. For more information on I Love Books, call 423-378-5859, visit the website at, or "Like" the store on Facebook.

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