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Low turnout plagues Virginia GOP primary

March 6th, 2012 9:12 pm by staff report

There wasn’t much Super about Tuesday in Virginia, where voters mostly greeted the GOP primary with a collective yawn.

Low turnout was largely credited to a ballot limited to only two of the national candidates, with Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich failing to meet the requirements to get on Virginia’s primary ballot.

With about 97 percent of the commonwealth’s precincts reporting by 8:50 p.m., the statewide voter turnout was only around 5 percent, with Mitt Romney gaining a majority of the votes over Ron Paul, the only candidates on the ballot. Romney took about 60 percent of the vote to Paul’s 40 percent.

Only 454 of Wise County’s total 23,497 registered voters showed up at the polls Tuesday, a turnout of less than 2 percent. Wise County voters provided Romney 275 of those votes to Paul’s 179 (60.57 percent to 39.43 percent).

Just 58 of Norton’s 2,526 registered voters — a turnout of less than 2.3 percent — gave Paul the edge at 33 votes for Paul and 25 for Romney, or 56.90 percent to 43.10 percent.

Scott County’s turnout was a bit over 3.22 percent, with 524 of the county’s 16,260 total registered voters giving Romney a slight nod at 321 votes to Paul’s 203 votes.

In Lee County, 390 of the total 16,415 registered voters provided 267 votes for Romney (68.46 percent) to 123 votes for Paul (31.54 percent). Turnout in Lee County was less than 2.4 percent.

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