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Rogersville City School taking steps to address cyber bullying

January 11th, 2012 10:30 pm by Jeff Bobo

ROGERSVILLE — With one incident already in the record books, the Rogersville Board of Education agreed Tuesday to break new ground within the K-8 school and address cyber bullying in its bullying policy.

School Director Rebecca Isaacs told the Times-News the incident was fairly minor, involving name calling on Facebook, and didn’t even occur on school grounds.

When the offending student admitted to the cyber bullying at school, however, disciplinary action was taken by school officials because it affected the victimized student’s classroom learning atmosphere.

But that action was taken without a specified cyber bullying policy on the books at RCS.

School board member Todd Biggs said during Tuesday’s BOE meeting he wants cyber bullying more specifically defined in RCS policy.

“There’s a lot of gray area when it comes to this, and the more you dig the more gray it becomes,” Biggs told his fellow board members Tuesday. “You can’t define every situation, but if we could try to make it more clear as time goes on, to try to define the gray areas ... we’ll be able to come up with a better policy.”

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