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Tal's Auto & Truck Repair works to earn trust

November 14th, 2011 8:59 am by Staff Report

Tal's Auto & Truck Repair works to earn trust

Tal Musick took a bad situation and turned it to the good.

About two years ago, the auto and truck repair company where Musick worked closed its doors. Musick and his co-workers had a big decision to make. Either go out and find another job or stay where their roots were and grow a new business. Instead of taking a risk looking for another job, Musick decided to open his own business, Tal’s Auto and Truck Repair.

He was able to purchase much of his former employer’s equipment and asked his former co-workers, Nick Coleman and Jesse Sutton, to join him in his new venture. They agreed and the three have been working side by side for the last 18 months at Tal’s Auto and Truck Repair, located at 5063 Ft. Henry Dr., Suite 101. Coleman is an ASE-Certified Master Technician with 20 years repair experience, and Sutton has 15 years’ experience working on diesel repair.

And it appears Musick made the right decision. His former customers stuck with him, and the business continues to grow. Musick’s reasoning for this is, "We have a lot of customers who tell us they bring their cars to us because we provide them with the trust and peace of mind knowing that their repair will be done the right way."

Trust and honesty are huge with Musick.

"As long as I am in business and stay in business, there will be a repair shop here where customers can bring their vehicles and trust that the repair is done correctly. We put the customer first rather than the dollar amount of the bill."

Tal’s Auto and Truck Repair provides all types of major auto and truck repair. "We do everything except for alignments." That includes oil changes, transmission and engine service, including repair and install, tune-ups, brakes, air conditioning, belts and hoses. In addition, Tal’s is certified to perform DOT inspections for tractor trailer and other fleet vehicles.

"We do the same service and repair here that a dealer performs, but at a better price," he said. Musick explained many people believe that in order to maintain their auto or truck warranty that they must take the vehicle to the dealership for regular service.

"That simply is not true," Musick stressed. "We can perform your regular maintenance services, save you money and you retain your warranty." He added the repair shop just cannot perform warranty repairs.

The repair shop works on all types of vehicles including both foreign and domestic automobiles, tractor/trailer, four-wheelers and farm tractors, as well as other equipment.

Musick attributed a lot of the company’s success to his employees, Coleman and Sutton.

"They bring a lot of experience to the table. Where we are today has a lot to do with them. They know our mission. That trust and honesty is important. We are a good team, and I’m pleased and thankful to have those guys work with me."

Tal’s Auto and Truck Repair is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit the company's website at and "Like" its Facebook page to receive updates on specials.

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