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Jeremy Harr works to make a difference in clients' lives

November 7th, 2011 9:46 am by Staff Report

Jeremy Harr works to make a difference in clients' lives

As an attorney, Jeremy Harr hopes to make a difference in the lives of every client he represents.

"My goal as an attorney is for my clients to be in a better position than before they came into my office," Harr explained. "If I don’t think I can help them, I will not take their case."

Harr specializes in family law, bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal defense. In terms of criminal defense, Harr explained he has no qualms representing a client regardless of their guilt or innocence. "Before a person is exposed to incarceration, it is my job as a criminal defense attorney to make sure the state proves beyond a reasonable doubt my client’s guilt or innocence," he explained.

After graduating from the Appalachian School of Law, Harr and Kingsport attorney Greg Francisco formed a partnership. "I have known Greg for many years. He had been practicing solo for a long time and, after I graduated, we decided to form a partnership."

Harr grew up in Bristol and attended East Tennessee State University (ETSU), where he received a degree in Business Economics. As a student, he had worked for a former Sullivan County judge and always knew he would attend law school after graduating from college.

Attending Appalachian School of Law gave Harr a unique perspective on becoming an attorney.

"The majority of professors at other law schools are pure academicians and it is different at Appalachian School of Law. All of the professors at Appalachian School of Law have a significant amount of real-life personal experience. They have been in the real world practicing law and bring practical applications to the classroom."

Harr has practiced law for three years in Kingsport with Greg Francisco. In this short time, Harr has seen his share of interesting and challenging cases. For Harr, each case presents its own unique challenges.

"Every case is a challenge and every client’s case is the most important to them." For this reason, Harr limits his case load so that he can devote his time and attention to the case at hand.

Harr works extremely long hours and explained he is focused on helping people and making a difference in their lives.

"People do not seek the services of an attorney until they have a need. And, for some, it can be dire circumstances that bring them to my office. You can’t unwind what has happened, but you can make it better. And, it is my job to help make the best out of an often difficult situation."

For a consult on family law, bankruptcy, personal injury or criminal defense, Harr can be reached at the office of Francisco and Harr at 423-246-1832.

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