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Office Planning Group helps improve workplace productivity

October 22nd, 2011 3:13 pm by Staff Report

Office Planning Group helps improve workplace productivity

Office Planning Group owner John Rotty is an efficiency expert and specializes in furniture systems and information management/storage solutions.

John Rotty has been improving workplace productivity for almost 35 years.

As owner of The Office Planning Group, Rotty is an efficiency expert and specializes in furniture systems and information management/storage solutions designed to improve productivity in the workplace.

Office Planning Group helps companies design entire work environments for the most effective use of space and employee productivity. As a representative of more than 500 furniture/storage manufacturers, The Office Planning Group can accommodate any look, function, or budget.

"We started in the mid-70s pioneering color coding for filing environments, and still provide effective storage solutions for any information or media environment, but as technology has changed the way information is stored, our company has evolved into planning total work environments," he said. "This includes addressing the work environment and accommodating technology in the workplace while maintaining a focus on work flow related to documents and information management."

What separates Rotty and The Office Planning Group from others in the industry is they specialize in helping customers evaluate their work environments and develop solutions that include traditional desks and seating, modular workstations/cubicles, training/conference rooms, lobby/reception areas, break rooms, and backroom storage.

Prior to recommending any workplace solutions, Rotty performs a thorough assessment of a client’s current work environment. The first meeting generally entails a discussion on how information is currently stored, how much space that information demands, who retrieves the information and who needs to access the records.

The life cycle of many documents varies depending on the client’s regulatory and legal requirements for retention and its historical and fiscal value to the organization. Often Rotty finds that clients keep information until they run out of space. "Space should never dictate document retention," he stressed. "Instead, the length a record is kept should be dependent upon the company’s need for that information."

Rotty is a firm believer that companies can store twice the records in less space by using "true" lateral filing. In true lateral filing, each cabinet is the equivalent of two four-drawer files, and it takes up half the floor space. "Our recommendations may include tools like color coding with fixed-shelf lateral filing, or high density systems that eliminate aisles, or emerging technologies like imaging and EMR (Electronic Medical Records). We help customers manage their information and their space as related to their documents," Rotty explained.

Office Planning Group additionally helps clients determine what documents are candidates to be scanned and digitally stored. Rotty cautioned that digital record storage is not always the most cost-efficient when the initial document preparation, scanning, and other labor costs are factored in. "Digital storage is inexpensive from a hardware perspective, but can also be time-consuming to migrate to," he added. "I have seen many companies spend thousands of dollars on digital storage only to realize that they failed in the implementation because they didn’t have a thorough plan."

With 35 years in business, Office Planning Group was one of the first companies to offer ergonomic work place assessments and educational seminars, offering an ergonomics seminar in the mid-80s when no one else was talking about ergonomics. "Specialty furniture is a big part of what we do." This includes adjustable workstations, keyboard platforms, "intensive use seating," and monitor support systems.

Office Planning Group is a Level One distributor of HumanScale, a leading designer of ergonomic furniture. For workers who spend a lot of time in front of a keyboard, the right chair and work system makes a huge difference. HumanScale supports "open body angle" seating where arms and hands are allowed to rest naturally, alleviating a lot of the strain on the shoulders, neck, and upper back.

The initial workplace assessment is free, and Rotty added The Office Planning Group work place systems are competitively priced and are higher quality/value than what can be found through big box retailers. For more information, call The Office Planning Group at 423-323-9532, ext. 16 or 423-282-9532, ext. 16, or visit the website at The office is located at 6248 Kingsport Hwy. Ste No. 1 in Gray.

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