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Faith is key for Pam Archer

October 21st, 2011 1:28 pm by staff report

Faith is key for Pam Archer

Photo by Cable Photography.

Pam Archer never sleeps.

As a fitness instructor and author, the Women’s Minister at Indian Springs Baptist Church, and owner and operator of Pamela’s Exclusive Floral and Event Design, sleep is an elusive feature in Archer’s life.  On the average, she sneaks in three hours of sleep each night.  Occasionally and when time permits, she will grab some extra shut eye and be down for 10 to 12 hours of “power sleep.”

Instead of sleep, Archer runs her life on faith.  And Archer will bring her personal faith perspective to the Kingsport Times-News' Women’s Expo on Sunday, Oct. 23, at 2:45 and 4 p.m. with “Finding Peace in the Midst of a Storm.”  Archer explained, “As women we are all so busy trying to balance our life that we don’t take time to be still and listen to the word of God and learn his purpose for our life.”  Archer will teach today’s woman how she can listen and achieve God’s purpose.

Archer is primarily known throughout the Tri-Cities as a fitness instructor and trainer, a profession that started “accidentally” 39 years ago.  She was taking an exercise class at her church and one day the instructor failed to show.  At the urging of her friends, Archer taught class that day and it turned into a career.  

She started teaching classes at Great Body in Kingsport and then became a certified trainer, which blossomed into filming instructional exercise videos and a relationship with internationally-known weight loss company Jenny Craig.

In the meantime and “just in case” that career didn’t pan out, Archer started working in floral design and later opened her own company, Pamela’s Exclusive Floral and Event Design.  While she works solo as a fitness instructor, Archer has a team of 18 to help her design, create and prepare “dream” weddings for brides.  She has run two businesses for the last 11 years and, last year, published a wedding book for brides, titled, “99 Things Brides Wish They Knew Before Planning a Wedding.”  

Health issues last year forced Archer to stop the fitness instruction, but she has carried on “full and hearty” with the floral design and event business.  What sets Archer’s wedding company apart from others is that she “works from the heart, not from the pocketbook.”  When Pamela’s Exclusive Floral and Event Design stages a wedding, their goal is make the bride “gasp and cry” when they see what Pamela’s has staged for their wedding.  “If the bride does not gasp and cry when they see what we have done, then we haven’t done our job,” she said.

While she enjoys both exercise instruction and wedding and event staging, key to her heart is the Women’s Ministry at her church.  “God has blessed me with many opportunities,” she said.  “I have learned that through Him, all things are possible.  He has given me the strength and courage to pursue my dreams and think big.”  

It is that message of faith and dreaming big that Archer will impart at Women’s Expo.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see Archer and her Ladies of Faith and learn how everyone can achieve God’s purpose in their life.

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