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Boys & Girls Club marks anniversary focused on the future

November 6th, 2010 1:47 pm by Leigh Ann Laube

Boys & Girls Club marks anniversary focused on the future

Members Lake Uribe and Josh Hall do homework while at the club. David Grace photo.

Larry Crawford fondly remembers his informal initiation into the Kingsport Boys Club, now the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kingsport. It was 1952, and the 6-year-old Crawford was charged with jumping across the creek the ran beside the club.

“You kind of had the rank and file down there, and with the new kid coming on, the older guys had to do something to initiate,” Crawford said. “I had to jump the creek beside the club and back then it was more or less a drainage ditch. There was water running through it, but it wasn’t the pleasant sort that you wanted to play in. The gap was only four foot or something like that. I thought there’d be no problem, but I made it to the very edge and fell back into the creek. The older kids really got a kick out of that.”

Creek jumping was a very small part of the activities that Crawford, his older brother Jerry, and other boys participated in during their time at the club.

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