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Kingsport man allegedly caught stealing catalytic converter; claims friend said to cut it off

September 22nd, 2010 11:57 am by Rain Smith

A Kingsport man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly being caught cutting a catalytic converter off a truck.

Police say the man claimed a friend had told him to cut the piece away, but the vehicles owner reported not knowing the suspect — and that no one had permission to take the converter.

According to a Kingsport arrest report, at 7:24 p.m. central dispatch was alerted to a man beneath a Ford F150 at 728 Lynn Garden Drive. The responding officer reports finding the suspect cutting off the catalytic converter with an electric saw.

Elliott C. Harris, 25, of 411 Allen Dr., apartment No. 107, was detained without incident. He allegedly told police that a friend, "told him to cut the piece of the truck so they can wedge on a straight pipe."

After running registration on the vehicle police contacted the owner. He allegedly denied claims of the suspect, whom he didn't know, and elected to pursue charges against him.

Elliott was arrested and charged with theft of motor vehicles parts valued at less than $500. Police say the incident occurred in an area marked no trespassing, prompting an additional charge of criminal trespass.


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