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Nashville cops yanking gold grill from prisoner's teeth cost taxpayers $100,000

March 16th, 2010 12:00 am by Nate Rau, The Tennessean

The Tennessean is reporting that a sheriff's lieutenant welcomed Anthony McCoy to the Davidson County jail system by ordering him to open wide to inspect the gold jewelry attached to his teeth.

What happened next left McCoy with a bloody mouth, 10 days of untreated, throbbing pain and Metro taxpayers with a legal bill close to $100,000. "He was spitting out blood and teeth into a trash can, and then told to get back in line," said McCoy's attorney David Raybin.

The incident in November started with McCoy's arrest after failing to pay child support. A sheriff's deputy told him to remove the gold grill attached to his teeth. But when McCoy, 31, told the deputy it was permanently attached, Lt. Tanya Mayhew stepped in. She put on a rubber glove, stuck her hand in his mouth and yanked out the gold jewelry grill cemented to his teeth.

Read the full report at The Tennessean's Web site.

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