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Wamp: 'This is no time for a status quo governor', says he's ready to lay off state employees

February 17th, 2010 12:00 am by Tom Humphrey

NASHVILLE — With several legislators watching, Republican U.S.

Rep. Zach Wamp on Tuesday declared himself to be “a heat-seeking missile” who is ready to lay off state employees and “shrink the footprint of state government” if elected governor.

Wamp’s appearance three doors down from the governor’s state capitol office was part of a weeklong, statewide tour to “formally” announce that he is running for governor.

“This is no time for a status quo governor; no time for a status quo agenda,” said Wamp, one of four major candidates for the GOP nomination. “This is the time for real leadership, a 20/20 vision on how to grow our state’s economy based on our assets, based on productivity.”

Read the full report at the Knoxville News Sentinel Web site.

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