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Lawmakers, voters, angry drivers pulling the plug on red light cameras

January 18th, 2010 12:00 am by Staff Report

According to a report by USA Today, red-light cameras that have been gaining a foothold in many states face a growing public backlash and outright removal.

The cameras, billed as safety devices since their introduction in the USA nearly 20 years ago, are increasingly viewed by many motorists as unreasoning revenue generators for hard-up local governments.

The report says Maine, Mississippi and Montana banned joined Nevada, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Wisconsin in banning the cameras last year. Missouri and Tennessee are taking up the issue this year.

But voters in Chillicothe and Heath, Ohio, and College Station, Texas didn't wait for lawmakers. They  passed referendums in November banning the cameras.

And then there are the lawsuits.  Nearly 1,000 motorists in south Florida have filed 18 lawsuits against the cameras, saying the devices are unconstitutional because they force drivers to prove their innocence rather than the government to prove their guilt.

Read the full report at the USA Today Web site.

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